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Stu Carson, CRS, GRI, ABR, ePRO,

Luxury Real Estate-Team Leader
Keller Williams Realty
180 Great Oaks Blvd
San Jose, CA 95119

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Stu Carson & the Luxury Real Estate Team

Smart, Trustworthy & Caring Representation

There are many qualities and skills that go into being an excellent real estate professional - integrity, in-depth community and market knowledge, marketing savvy, effective negotiation skills and a high-quality professional network, all of which are hallmarks of how I work.

Smart, Trustworthy & Caring Representation, is much more than a slogan to me. Ask my clients. I take my fiduciary responsibilities to my clients, as if I were their attorney, or physician... and they were my own family in court or on the operating table.  But don't just take my word for it.  Click here for client testimonials

Stu Carson - Agent at Keller Williams Realty

Negotiating & Marketing Skills & Experience

My negotiating skills have been honed over 25+ yrs. I negotiate every term and condition for my clients as if it were my own family's.  90% of the time I give a listing presentation, the Seller tells me when done, "no one even compares... other Realtors just aren't doing the things you do to market & sell a home"! That's because I bring to my Real Estate client, sales and marketing skills that withstood the test of selling to CIO's, CEO, CFO, etc... against IBM, EDS, etc... in the Fortune 1000 marketplace for 20+ yrs.  Click here for my resume

Leveraging Time & Effectiveness of People with Technology 


This "client first" philosophy has always been my approach and it requires me to continually improve my skills and ways of doing business. In addition, I've found that the latest technologies are enabling me to do everything I've always done, only much more quickly and efficiently. They've also helped me to extend the range of services I provide to my clients.  So when you decide that you're ready to buy or sell a home please contact me.

Smart Representation (Educated & Experienced)

Would you hire an physician or surgeon that wasn't continually learning more about their trade? their specialty? Buying & selling Real Estate is measured in 100's of 1000's of $'s. The primary value of your Realtor is not in putting up a sign & making fliers when selling a home & in finding & then helping you tour properties when Buying a home. If you have seen more than one or two Real Estate transaction every few years you will understand that understand that the fundamental value, the only way in which a Realtor earns 10's of 1000's in compensation is in the negotiation & representation on behalf of their client on price, terms & conditions.  Unfortunately "thanks" to many factors & forces in our society Real Estate has become a complex transaction with a fair amount of legal & financial risk. Factors & forces like short sales, bank owned REO properties, the liticousness of our society, financial stressed Buyers & Sellers willing to compromise ethics, the complexities associated with developing from small to large amounts of Real Estate, etc... So back to our orginal question. I dare say if you were looking to hire an attorney, a surgeon, CPA, even a car mechanic you'd want one that continued their education in their field & ideally attained hire levels of certification. You'd want a really SMART attorney, surgeon, CPA, etc... shouldn't you have a Smart, Trustworthy & Caring Realtor represent you and those family & friends you know & care about?

Team of Specialists Coordinated by Your Advocate 

I believe there is a reason why you KNOW you wouldn't want to hire an attorney without a paralegal and staff, or a surgeon who not only swiped your credit card but also booked your appointments, took your blood pressure & changed your sheets. The highest levels of service for YOU the client in any profession are provided by a team of specialist coordinated by that professional working on YOUR behalf. 

Meet the members of Carson and Team:
Buyer Specialist, Tina Colyvas

Transaction Coordinator, Lindsey Menkemeller

Agent Services Coordinator, Brianna Ellicock

Short Sale & Bank Owned Consultation, Victoria Haberman

Staging Service Providers (a few options)


Professional Photography (a few options)

Marketing - Graphics Designer (a couple outsourced professionals)

Legal Consultation (a couple specialists)



I have the following advanced education certifications endorsed by the National Association of Realtors

5% of Realtors have the GRI or CRS designation & training. Some fraction of a fraction have both. Looking for... no insisting on, a REALLY SMART Realtor? you've found one who is a 1 in 1000.

Stu Carson - Agent at Keller Williams Realty

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